This Whole Chik-fil-A Thing

It seems like everyone has developed some crazy opinion or side on the Chick-fil-A war and you know what, here’s my two cents:

  • It’s not about the chicken. I love those little nuggets. I could eat them every single day while alternating sauces. I have nothing against the seasoning, cut oof meat, and definitely not the sauces. 
  • It’s the company and what they support. If the world were perfect, each and every company would stop becoming a bunch of moral hazard outlaws and just focus on how they can make their product better. Meaning, CFA would just focus on how they could get more of those little nuggets into my hands. However, we’re in a day in age where corporations run everything. You may think it’s people but no, it’s GE. 
  • Toss the “traditional family” and “sanctity of marriage” stuff out. For real, Kim Kardashian put the nail in the coffin with her 72 day marriage. There is no more sanctity of marriage. Marriage from the bible standpoint is basically the buying and selling of women.  Traditional family? I know about 4 or 5 people that come from a tradition “mom & dad are happily married” home. The rest of my friends products of divorce, separation, remarriage, adoption, foster care, etc.
  • Spend time loving not hating. If people spent half of the time that they do complaining, hating, lazily looking around for someone else to jump in, and devoted that towards going to a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, tutoring or mentoring a child, we wouldn’t have the same problems that we have to day. Judging by the line at CFA this past week, the line for volunteers at your local soup kitchen should be out the door. It’s not up to you to figure out how they got in that situation or if they’re really going to use your money or time wisely, it’s about trying. Maybe you’ll change 1 person’s life for the better and that will be enough. 
  • Spending millions of dollars in efforts to condemn people? Okay, try this for me. If you’re a game changer at a major corporation and you’re reading this, take $500 and donate it to an after school program in war zone that is the south side of Chicago. Take $1000 and donate it to an organization that helps mentor young women. Take $2000 and donate it to an organization that provides scholarships to college students. Take $3000 and donate it to an organization that helps homeless children and young adults. Take any and all of the money that you spend hating someone and throw it out the window. 

Last but not least, let’s try something that I learned from the bible. “Treat other people as you would like to be treated.”  ”Love one another as I have loved you.” That’s it. Those are the only two things that you should ever take away from that book. It’s not your place to condem how someone lives there life. It’s not even your place to hold judgment. 

Disclaimer: I’m fully aware that there are hundreds of other companies that have the same homophobic beliefs. The issue is that there is TOO MUCH hate in the world for these large corporations to keep spreading it. We’re at a point when we desperately need to make a change and we have the power to change it. We need to start treating every single human being that has been placed on this earth equally and fairly. We need to foster love in one another. 

Love One Another

In the wake of all things, NC and their ban on gay marriage, just remember the most important rule in life: Love one another.  Sign this petition to make JCPenney keep their lesbian couple in the catalog.