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How to be Fabulous

This post is dedicated to the lovely Sarah Mags. Ladies and Gents, she is the bees knees. No, really, she’s like one of my favorite people on this planet next to Jennifer Lawrence. Get to know her if you don’t already. s

1. Always dress like the paparazzi is following you. Note: This shouldn’t be a full “I’m on my way to the Grammy’s” type of look (We are all judging the girl who is wearing sky high heels and a fur vest in a suburban mall at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Wednesday). It should be one of the outfits you see a celebrity in running errands with her kids and you’re like, “OMG, where did she get those shoes?” Your daily wardrobe should look like that. Something that you won’t be embarrassed about later and won’t end up on the fashion police show that plays endlessly in my head. Remember, Google Earth: always snapping pics. 

2. Have a signature drink. On most days, I’m a wine kind of girl. If I’m not drinking that, I’m having whiskey and coke with a little bit of grenadine at the bottom. Drink it and love it. 

3. Have a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself, well then no one has time for you. 

4. Be smart. Many girls attempt to be fabulous but when you ask them a simple question on politics, celeb gossip, or basic business they know nothing. That is when one segways the fine line between fabulous, diva, and ditz. 

5. Be positive. How awesome is it when you’re having an okay day and then you see someone who looks like the sun is just shining right out of their ass and not causing a single third degree burn? Be that person but also, keep it real. Don’t have a reason to be happy? Your heart is beating. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. There is at least 1 ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend in your past that you can say ‘Thank God that is over’ about and you’re the cutest. Get some pep in your step. 

6. Have the best of friends. These friends should be the equivalent of a good pair of knee high boots in the winter. They are always there to support you, transition easily from day to night, and will be around for years. 

7. Stop giving f*cks. Once you stop caring what people think about you, everything just falls together like a Natasha Bedingfield song. I gave my last f*ck on January 17th of 2012 and it has been amazing. It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you as long you are happy.

8. Be confident. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it and sometimes you get knocked down but no matter what, hold your head up high, walk with intention, and don’t be afraid to do what is right. You should always do what is right. 

9. Use your talents. Are you a master chef? I want filet mignon the next time I’m at your house. Good at motivating inner city youth? Every kid in your class should know the Constitution. A good organizer? I have a desk full of papers that you can go to town with. 

10. Share. It’s not enough to just be fabulous. You have to impart your radiant personality, beauty, and knowledge with others in this world. Give back to your community and make the world a better place. Share a smile, give a homeless guy $5 and don’t complain about how he spends it, mentor our youth. 



Getting ready for a night out with friends after work.


An enchanting night at the drake complete with a live band and dancing.


Starting off our spring strategy meeting with some warm fuzzies.


The greatest mystery of the world is how those jelly fish get in there but either way, spotted: another item to complete my friend’s apartment. 

Have You Heard?


The best part about being a girl and having a secret is getting to tell everyone. So here we go, have you heard of Threadflip? One of my friends and I have been meaning to go through our closets and get rid of all of the stuff that we don’t wear. The typical goodwill gesture is nice but most of our stuff is really nice and barely worn so we debated giving it to close friends or doing a swig and swap between closets but we knew there would still be stuff at the end of the day that needed to be sold.

I’ve tried things like Buffalo Exchange exchange and while I always find great stuff, it feels more like a treasure hunt if you can capture it from someone’s actual closet. Enter: Threadflip. I cannot tell you how in love I am with this site. It’s easy to upload your items. Drag and drop a pic from the merchants website or snap one yourself really fast. I sold my Michael Kors bag in less than 12 hours. Shipping and payment, Threadflip handles it. You can redeem it for goodies on the site or apply for their white glove service and have them handle it all. It really is the best deal out there. 

So, ladies. Let’s get on with the spring cleaning, already! 

Happy Friday! 

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K’s Best in Beauty Vol.1

I’ve been wanting to do this blog post for a while and voila…it’s finally happening. So here are the things that I would literally take a bullet for and I recommend to everyone.

1. Checks & Balances Cleanser $20.This cleanser is truly the best out there for combo skin. It has a refreshing spearmint, lavender, and bergamot scent and is the perfect intro to the Origins brand.  You only need the tiniest bit to clean and remove makeup across your entire face and neck.  I get excited every time I pick this up.

2. Super Spot Remover $14.50. Everyone should own this. We’ve all been there. About to head to a big meeting, first date, or just trying to look your best and some zit has decided to make your face its permanent residence. Wipe some of this little nugget on with a q-tip and wait a couple of hours. Trust me, that sucker will either be gone or looking for new real estate. I love this stuff so much that I keep it in my purse.

3. Ginzing Eye Cream $30. Let’s get real, who has time for eye cream? No one. But you know what else no one has time for? Looking like a zombie. I love Ginzing because it has caffeine to make you look awake and really does brighten up your eyes. Antioxidants protect while Mica and Silica absorb oil within lids so makeup stays on longer. Bonus: It helps get rid of dark circles and puffiness. Again, anything to make me look alive. 

4. Volcanic Ash Exfoliator $28. If you’re like me, there has been a time when you just wanted to scrub your entire face off and start over. Enter, the volcanic exfoliator. It’s pretty rough so I only use it every 2 weeks but it’s still one of the best. 

5. Drink Up Intensive & Clear Improvement $23. Not using a mask? You should be. There are some of the best ways to solve problems like dry skin or breakouts.  Think of it as a 15 minute intense repair and detox rather than another $23. If you get the right ones, it will do wonders for your skin. 

6. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover $18. I got this stuff as a gift and it’s probably the best gift I’ve ever received. It gets off everything and doesn’t hurt my eyes. It’s so refreshing after a long day at work.

7. Advanced Night Repair Serum $55. ANR has been around for 30 years and it’s still the best. I swear by it. What does it do? It pulls moisture in from the air and helps your cells turn over during the skin’s natural recovery period which is when you sleep. In other words, get ready to glow. Secret beauty tip: Mix a tiny bit with your foundation to help it stay longer.

8. High Potency Night A Mins $39.50. HPNAM is also THE BEST THING EVER. My skin has never felt better. It’s jammed packed with about 80 vitamins and minerals and gives your skin a slow time released exfoliation while your sleep. Use this only at night because it has a luxurious lavender and chamomile essential oil blend that will make you fall asleep.

9. Photo Finish $29. It’s a crime not to prime. It basically sets the tone for all of the makeup that is to follow. I love the entire line of primers that Smashbox offers. Pick the one that is best for your skin type and concerns.

10. Fresh Sugar $22.50. I have no idea that one day I would be addicted to a lip balm that cost $22 but yes, my friends, I have succumb to the fresh sugar line. If I’m just running out of the house to grab something, it’s my go to lip moisturizer especially in the cold Chicago weather. 

#POTD pt.2

Day 36: The cutest Alumni association around town

Day 36 pt.2: Bryant falling asleep in the stucen.

Day 37: Another year older, another year…something.

Day 38: You don’t have your own sparkling juice. Oh, I’m sorry. lol

Day 39: So cute. 

Day 40: Sing a song. 


This is what happens when life catches up with you. POTD Jan. 25th - NOW

Day 25: Coming soon: A blog post of fave products. 

Day 26: Browsing through Nordstrom. Cute right?

Day 27: Positive messages from Siri.

Day 28: My new friend Vimala. It feels like we’ve been friends for years.

Day 29: Ellie Goulding!!! Picking out my outfit.

Day 30: Ellie Goulding in concert! She was AMAAZZING!

Day 31: Guess who got her level 1 accreditation? This girl.

Day 32: Perfecting the backdrop in our store. 

Day 33: Okay, so I know this is super random but I spotted these in the grocery store and it brought back tons of memories of cooking with my grandma. 

Day 34: Turning Pinterest into a reality.

Day 35: Spending the night in bed trying to figure out your life. This is what your 20s are all about, right?

Day 24: getting my arts and craft on!

Day 24: getting my arts and craft on!

Day 23: how we handle a slow work day.

Day 23: how we handle a slow work day.

Day 22: alexa trading a smokey eye for a back massage.

Day 22: alexa trading a smokey eye for a back massage.

Day 21: who says you can’t style everything in life?

Day 21: who says you can’t style everything in life?

(Forgot to upload) day 20: let’s not have a ‘keep it made in the USA’ sticker if u drive a Toyota.

(Forgot to upload) day 20: let’s not have a ‘keep it made in the USA’ sticker if u drive a Toyota.

Day 19: out with my best friend for the first time in a while

Day 19: out with my best friend for the first time in a while

Day 19: my fave thing about living in chicago

Day 19: my fave thing about living in chicago